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New report on the design, implementation and sustainability of the pilot in Austria

Within the context of the existing LTC system, the Austrian case pilot intervention was designed to address the challenges faced by LTC services. In line with the overall framework of the InCARE project, the Austrian pilot intervention has been preceded by a Theory of Change (ToC) workshop in order to determine the broader impact that the intervention should achieve as well as the various outcomes and activities that need to be taken to reach this ultimate goal in a participative format with the stakeholders and the relevant actors.

This new report presents the methodology implemented and describes all the activities organised in the framework of the InCARE Pilot in Austria, including training modules for carers, contribution to better accessibility and adequacy of services provided locally, networking, co-operation and knowledge transfer. The publication also sheds light on the lasting impact of the intervention.

Read the report (in English) here.

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