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New: InCARE Policy Brief 10: Piloting Social Innovation in Long-Term Care: Application of Theory of Change and Lessons Learnt

The InCARE project aimed to improve the knowledge base and pilot test how to develop long-term care systems, concentrating on community based and home-based LTC delivery. The InCARE pilot projects followed a participatory approach, developed through Theory of Change, to uncover ways in which these forms of long-term care delivery can be developed to satisfy the current and future demand of care in Europe in a sustainable and fair manner , bringing evidence from three cases in Austria, Spain, and North Macedonia. Through the Theory of Change framework applied in the project, each of these intervention domains has been carefully mapped on clearly defined long-term and short-term outcomes to achieve their target impact goals via specific activities which were undertaken during the project implementation. In doing so, the InCARE project and the findings from the evaluation and monitoring of its activities demonstrate many ways in which the imminent challenges highlighted in the European Care Strategy can be addressed.

Read more in Policy Brief 10 here: InCARE PB_WP6_final__final_pdf


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