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New Policy Brief Nr.7 on outcomes and impact, sustainability, and potential for scale-up of the pilot in Spain

To facilitate the continuity of social innovation projects, which are usually developed in a limited period under external funding, the following document describes the approach to sustainability and scalability of the Spanish InCARE pilot project developed in Gipuzkoa. The paper describes the work done on changing the role of psychologists in a support service for carers of people living with dementia in order to favour the coordination of services with social services of local
councils and community resources.
The document describes the concept used to work on sustainability and scalability in the project, the key issues, barriers and potentials identified at local, regional and national level, the ecosystem of actors involved and their role in scalability, the different strategies used and the future steps after the end of the piloting period of the InCARE project. This document can be useful for those social innovation actors and different administrations looking to scale up a project, to facilitate possible developments of similar projects, and to plan for possible barriers and potentials that may arise in the process of setting up innovation projects.

Read the Policy Brief here.

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